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BHIM is the national payment app launched by government of India to lead the country into a cashless economy. It was launched by prime minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2016. People can download replica watches the app for free for android phones. As of 2017 April more than 2 crores of Indians are using the app to make payments everyday.

Merchants, shop keepers and taxis can accept payment from BHIM app users. Easiest way to accept payment would be to post a sticker with QR code on it. Your customers can merely scan the code cheap nfl jerseys and enter your payment.

BHIM.io is a application for merchants to accept payments from BHIM users. We will help you to create the QR code in few minutes.  All you need to start is your bank account information and VPA (virtual payment address). Your bank can help you to setup a VPA free of cost, if you do not one.  You can post the code near your shop or in your taxi to accept payment.  If you do not have a printer nearby, we can even send you a printed code to paste in your shop.

When a user scan the QR code, money from your customer bank account will go to your bank account directly. Based on your bank you might get an SMS saying your received money. BHIM does not deduct any commission or transaction fee. So if you charge Rs 100.00 your account will receive Rs 100.

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